Ananda Hypnotherapy is pleased to now offer flawless online sessions!

While most sessions are in the downtown Bellingham office, hypnotherapy online sessions are ideal for people who are unable to see a local hypnotherapist due to illness, location, time restraints or a phobic condition. Perhaps you live in a foreign country with no English-speaking hypnotherapist available.

I am Amanda Pressley, an experienced hypnotherapist based in Bellingham, WA and I have used webcam hypnotherapy since first opening my business.

The process for signing up is simple. Select the service or package that you are interested in and pay using the paypal button. Once payment is received, I will contact you immediately to schedule an appointment with you.


75 Minutes of Hypnosis

If you don’t have a suitable local hypnotherapist or you have difficulty traveling then email or call me today on (360)441-8499 to book your online session and to discuss services.

Here are some commonly asked questions:

  • Who is Amanda Pressley C.Ht?
  • What is my experience as a hypnotherapist?
  • What method of hypnotherapy do I use?
  • What happens during a session?
  • How much does online hypnotherapy costs?

If you feel nervous about speaking to someone who you have never met in person, you can email me first or we can arrange an introductory web call to make sure that you feel comfortable talking to me and know enough about me. Webcam is a lot more versatile because I can monitor your breathing with ease, allowing a lot more feedback and opening the way for the use of more techniques.

A video conferencing session costs $165 for a 75 minute session.

Are you stuck at home because you have no transportation? Do you feel too unwell to go out? Do you have commitments that keep you at home? Online sessions are an ideal way for working through the frustrations and issues that add to your problems. If you are in a foreign country, in new surroundings, away from family and friends and feel isolated then online sessions will help you work through those feelings of isolation and discomfort.

The technology 411 for online sessions:

-High speed internet, microphone, webcam and speakers are necessary

-Prior to your appointment, I will send you a link for the online session

-Click the link and follow the directions on the screen which including submitting your email address and adding a password


75 Minutes of Hypnosis