Wellness Kinesiology muscle test techniques, taught by world-renowned teacher and founder of Wellness Kinesiology Dr. Wayne Topping, allow Amanda to identify and correct an imbalance present between the mind- body connection. A wide range of varying symptoms may include confusing the right and left hand movements, stumbling while walking, irrational fears and phobias, feeling stuck, wanting to quit smoking or a strong desire for weight loss without success. Often an imbalance forms when the mind-body are in disagreement about the best way to reach a solution. Amanda trained directly under Dr. Wayne Topping PhD and is certified through the Wellness Kinesiology Institute.

Using simple yes or no questions, Amanda observes the arm responses given by the client. Often there is such stress around an emotion and experience that it’s important to release the stress, first. When that is the case, Emotional Stress Techniques are used and taught to the client. Studies have shown that using these specific techniques result in an almost immediate decrease in blood pressure. The process is so simple that Amanda happily shares the science and details behind the process, so, clients can use them in their own time for best results outside of sessions.kinesiology- arm muscle testing

Typically, emotions have a way of getting stuck and held within the body. Wellness Kinesiology draws on muscle testing, the Chinese medicine 5 wheel, specific acupressure points and tapping. It’s important for people to remember how much they truly love and accept who they are in this present moment.

These amazing sessions are available from Amanda in 2 ways:

Muscle Testing $125- a 60 minute session designed to release stuck emotions and generate a more balanced outlook

Hypnosis & Muscle Testing $180-  a 2 hour session that combines muscle testing and hypnosis. Once the body and mind are in alignment, hypnosis suggestions are more effective and resonate on a deep subconscious level