Amanda’s Bio




Amanda believes that people are often irrational at a subconscious level. To persuade human beings to change their mind (with years of programming supporting their current decision making skills) is similar to asking a modern day computer programmer to use DOS and only DOS. She is a sought after hypnotherapist that has assisted 100’s of people who were ready to persuade, upgrade and make lasting changes on a deep level within their own mind. Use the art of hypnotherapy to convert an idea into one that works, reduce personal or work-related stress and persuade your mind to release a limiting belief!



Her specialty? Helping you to find solutions to pesky issues and get on with your life–IMMEDIATELY.


She brings refreshing and shareable strategies to each session. These strategies for eliminating stress, clearing stuck emotions rapidly and generating feelings of calm and well-being have assisted many who once suffered through anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness.


I am Amanda Pressley and what I do for you is quickly and rapidly bring resolution through a diverse set of tools. The training I have in hypnotherapy, muscle testing and energy work, leads to you having effective tools for outside of the office and on your own time use.

Why me and no one else?

I approach each session with presence, awareness and heart-centered knowledge. All human beings have feelings and emotions associated with their personal struggles. These are valid. I fully support clients in connecting on a deeper level with their inner knowledge on the subject. Encouraging personal empowerment and development is at the core of each interaction shared. This is your opportunity to schedule a FREE Introductory Call. Have your questions answered and begin the journey to personal empowerment, resolutions, better health and overall well being. Call me today at: (360)441-8499. I am not like all the others who take 7 days courses and call themselves experts. You are in good hands. Chat with you soon!




**Disclaimer** Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis is not a replacement for your General Practitioner or medical advice.