Hypnotherapy is the art of keeping an open mind and following the suggestions given by your hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy connects the mind, body and spirit.

Ananda Hypnotherapy offers this exact service of mind, body, spirit connection! Thoughts create your current reality. It is our thoughts that create joy, as well as, dis-ease. Dis-ease can manifest in the form of weight gain, compulsive habits such as: smoking, eating, food cravings, intimacy issues, depression and anxiety, to list a few.

HypnosisHypnotherapy treatment works with your current programming and the emotions that rest within our subconscious mind. Through client-led sessions, you and I will create a bridge between the subconscious (emotional) mind and the conscious (waking) mind. Creative potential is within each of us.

At Ananda Hypnotherapy,  we love helping you transform your limitations into success!

Forgiveness therapy – In order to move ahead it is very important to close the doors behind you.  These sessions guide you through forgiving those who have transgressed against you, as well as, helping you to forgive yourself for things that you may be hanging on to

Guilt – These techniques help you to eliminate the guilt that you may have felt from past situations as well as guide you through a process of forgiveness for those who may have crossed you in the past and also of yourself for things that you may have done to others.  These exercises will help you to release the past and move forward.

Regression & NLP (neural linguistic programming) – Regression is used along with NLP for the purpose of recoding positive occurrences from your past to the goals you are attempting to attain.  This makes the process of attaining the goal very enjoyable for the subject.

Powerful suggestions for many interrelated topics – To include confidence, mind expansion, positive thinking, awareness, belonging, attracting wealth, opportunity and success, dealing with challenges effectively and much more.

Guided imagery – With guided imagery you are led through creating your new positive memories to replace the old ones.

In a minimum of 4 sessions you can eliminate, change or improve virtually any habit or disorder imaginable.

Quick exercise:

Imagine living your life with energy, purpose and meaning. Allow that image to become very vivid for you. Take your time. See what each part of your life looks like. Now, imagine your life with abundance in every aspect. Does that image differ from your current life?

I’m sure you have heard of positive thinking. Just think positive is the cure-all solution. Ahem. In many cases, positive mantras are not enough. I’ll explain why. There is a barrier that exist between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Here is an example: Have you ever noticed that trauma and discomfort helps you to remember life lessons? The stove is hot. This occurs because emotion is attached to the thought and action.  There is good news. In fact, it is excellent news! Your subconscious mind controls emotion! By relaxing the outer conscious mind, the positive suggestions are received.

Think of your mind like a computer. Your subconscious is running an outdated program. I have the tools to update the system. Change is constant in each of our lives. How we adjust and react is the one component within our control.

Ananda Hypnotherapy is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of downtown Bellingham, WA. Offering relaxation, tranquility and the perfect container for positive growth and personal development.